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We provide a range of specialist services:

✔ EXTRACTION SYSTEM CLEANING AND CERTIFICATION – Our service involves cleaning the canopy (filters and ducts) of the extractor fan. Filters inside and outside the extractor are cleaned with A-grade cleaning chemicals. During the cleaning process, the extractor fan is disassembled and cleaned thoroughly to ensure optimal rotation of the blades and maximum airflow through the system. After cleaning, a certificate of compliance, which is valid for a period of 6 months, is issued.

✔ DUCTING WITHIN THE CANOPY – As ducts assist with optimal ventilation and extraction, ensuring they work to their best of their ability is important. As such, we provide repair and maintenance services to damaged and leaking ducts.

✔ EXTRACTOR FAN CLEANING – We strive to ensure that the fan performs as per the manufacturer’s specifications. During cleaning, the fan is disassembled to allow us to reach those “hard to reach places”. Once clean, we ensure that the fan blades are set to rotate optimally.

✔ KITCHEN DEEP CLEAN – We offer an ad-hoc deep clean of all your kitchen appliances and equipment. We are able to clean grills, boilers, gas appliances, ovens, fryers and a range of other kitchen appliances. These deep cleans work to improve the health and safety standards of your kitchen.

✔ KITCHEN CLINIC – We provide specialised soak tanks, designed to optimise the cleaning process of stainless steel and aluminium products within the kitchen environment. Using a soak tank is a good way to extend the lifespan of cooking equipment (e.g. steel and aluminium pots and pans) at a low cost, without causing damage to the equipment. Our “Kitchen Clinics” can be rented on a monthly basis. Included in the rental, is the provision of special soak tank chemicals.

We are registered with SABS and SANS 1850:2014 compliant, thus allowing us to issue a cleaning compliance certificate valid for 6 months as per health and safety requirement


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